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Psychological And Pedagogical Study Of Neurotic Reactions Of Higher Education Students During The Implementation Of The Form Of Control


Iurii Diachenko, Oleksandr Ovchar, Oleksandr Dubka, Oleksandr Pastukhov, Khrystyna Duve, Dmytro Kostiuk


Vol. 21  No. 11  pp. 151-156


The article provides an examination of those temporary states of disturbances in the psychophysiological and socio-psychological spheres of a person, which develop against the background of normally formed mechanisms of mental activity, that is, in mentally healthy people. A healthy person is a person adapted to the conditions of the external environment, and mental health is inseparable from the physical and social well-being of a person. The cause of the disorder is the impact on a person of any environmental factors that weaken the mechanisms of social and psychological adaptation of the individual.


psychophysiological and socio-psychological spheres, individual, education system, educational process.