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Current Problems of Criminal Law Protection of Information Relations in the Border Sphere


Iryna Kushnir, Yurii Kuryliuk, Volodymyr Nikiforenko, Yuliia Stepanova, Yaroslav Kushnir


Vol. 21  No. 11  pp. 171-176


The article considers some issues of criminal law protection of information relations. With the emergence of new types of threats to Ukraine's national security in the field of protection and defense of the state border, the issues of development and strengthening of information protection become especially important. Proper compliance with information legislation also depends on the established responsibility for its violation, which rests on certain provisions of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. It is stated that these norms are placed in different sections and do not have a proper systematization. The article singles out the subjects of information relations in the border area, which are subject to criminal law protection: persons who are not bound by stable relations with the SBGS (who cross the state border of Ukraine, etc.); persons who are members of the SBGS (servicemen and employees); SBGS as a public authority (official and secret information, information about the activities of the agency, its officials, etc.).


criminal law protection, information, information relations, border area.