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Legal Regulation Of Insurance In Tourism


Uliana Andrusiv, Volodymyr Skrypnyk, Inna Zihunova, Oleksii Klochko


Vol. 21  No. 11  pp. 189-192


The article is devoted to the issue of the content of legal instruments in terms of tourism business, namely the problems of legal regulation of insurance in tourism. The analysis of the state of development of the problem in question shows that the issue of legal regulation of the insurance contract in general and the contract in tourism services, in general, is insufficiently studied. The article is devoted to topical issues of legal regulation of insurance in the field of tourism, the search for effective mechanisms to increase the liability of both underwriters and insurers. Therefore, insurance can be considered as one of the methods of preventing unfortunate consequences during the implementation of tourism activities. The author’s vision of the content of the package of measures that can positively influence not only the development of the tourist industry in general but primarily to help identify those legal segments that need improvement in the future has been stated.


Tourism, Contract, Tourism Activity, Insurance, Insurance Policy, Transaction.