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Emotional Preferences Analysis Using Kansei in Designing The Appearance of User Interface for E-Voting Application


Abdurrohman, Aedah Abd Rahman, Ana Hadiana, Anitawati Mohd Lokman


Vol. 21  No. 11  pp. 193-198


The application of e-Voting plays an important role in order to support democracy activities in Indonesia, such as elections at different levels. E-Voting has the function of providing better service to people in order to participate in elections. This research attempts to develop the appearance of the user interface of e-Voting based on users’ emotional preferences using Kansei Engineering. Kansei Engineering is used in this research to analyze emotional feelings regarding e-Voting applications’ presented Kansei words and give a recommendation on the most suitable user interface to be considered in their development. This research observed two main users’ emotional feelings (“calm” and “formal”) selected from ten Kansei words. The final recommendation is a conceptual element designed for designing e-Voting applications based on the Kansei word “calm”.


E-Voting, Kansei Engineering, Users’ Preferences, Element Design, Multivariate.