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An Investigation of Cloud Computing and E-Learning for Educational Advancement


Ashraf Ali, Abdullah Alourani


Vol. 21  No. 11  pp. 216-222


Advances in technology have given educators a tool to empower them to assist with developing the best possible human resources. Teachers at universities prefer to use more modern technological advances to help them educate their students. This opens up a necessity to research the capabilities of cloud-based learning services so that educational solutions can be found among the available options. Based on that, this essay looks at models and levels of deployment for the e-learning cloud architecture in the education system. A project involving educators explores whether gement Systems (LMS) can function well in a collaborative remote learning environment. The study was performed on how Blackboard was being used by a public institution and included research on cloud computing. This test examined how Blackboard Learn performs as a teaching tool and featured 60 participants. It is evident from the completed research that computers are beneficial to student education, especially in improving how schools administer lessons. Convenient tools for processing educational content are included as well as effective organizational strategies for educational processes and better ways to monitor and manage knowledge. In addition, this project's conclusions help highlight the advantages of rolling out cloud-based e-learning in higher educational institutions, which are responsible for creating the integrated educational product. The study showed that a shift to cloud computing can bring progress to educational material and substantial improvement to student academic outcomes, which is related to the increased use of better learning tools and methods.


Cloud Computing, E-Learning, SaaS. PaaS, IaaS