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Enhanced Hybrid XOR-based Artificial Bee Colony Using PSO Algorithm for Energy Efficient Binary Optimization


Yakubu S. Baguda


Vol. 21  No. 11  pp. 312-320


Increase in computational cost and exhaustive search can lead to more complexity and computational energy. Thus, there is need for effective and efficient scheme to reduce the complexity to achieve optimal energy utilization. This will improve the energy efficiency and enhance the proficiency in terms of the resources needed to achieve convergence. This paper primarily focuses on the development of hybrid swarm intelligence scheme for reducing the computational complexity in binary optimization. In order to reduce the complexity, both artificial bee colony (ABC) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) have been employed to effectively minimize the exhaustive search and increase convergence. First, a new approach using ABC and PSO has been proposed and developed to solve the binary optimization problem. Second, the scout for good quality food sources is accomplished through the deployment of PSO in order to optimally search and explore the best source. Extensive experimental simulations conducted have demonstrate that the proposed scheme outperforms the ABC approaches for reducing complexity and energy consumption in terms of convergence, search and error minimization performance measures.


Swarm intelligence, artificial bee colony, binary optimization, PSO, convergence, computational complexity