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Review of Biometrics-Based Authentication Techniques in Mobile Ecosystem


Fatimah Al-Jarba and Mohammed Al-Khathami


Vol. 21  No. 11  pp. 321-327


Mobile devices have recently developed to be an integral part of humans’ daily lives because they meet business and personal needs. It is challenging to design a feasible and effective user authentication method for mobile devices because security issues and data privacy threats have significantly increased. Biometric approaches are more effective than traditional authentication methods. Therefore, this paper aims to analyze the existing biometric user authentication methods on mobile platforms, particularly those that use face recognition, to demonstrate the methods’ feasibility and challenges. Next, this paper evaluates the methods according to seven characteristics: universality, uniqueness, permanence, collectability, performance, acceptability, and circumvention. Last, this paper suggests that solely using the method of biometric authentication is not enough to identify whether users are authentic based on biometric traits.


Mobile phone; User authentication; Biometrics; Face recognition