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Multimedia Technologies As A Basis For The Development Of Modern It Education In Ukraine


Nataliia Seiko, Mykola-Oleg Yershov, Anna Sakhnenko, Marina Shevchenko, Roman Bezsmertny, Inna Kostyrya


Vol. 21  No. 11  pp. 363-367


This article analyzes the state and development of multimedia technologies in the educational process. The reasons for the emergence of multimedia educational technologies are shown. The definition of the concept of ""multimedia education"" is given. The advantages and disadvantages of teaching using multimedia technologies are presented. The article, based on multimedia technologies, provides one of the ways to solve the problem of lack of classroom time for the presentation of all educational material in the process of teaching engineering students. The creation and application of educational videos in education is discussed, an example of teaching electrical engineering is given; the requirements for the development of video lessons, their advantages and importance in the educational process are indicated.


Innovative teaching, Higher education, Teaching technology, Multimedia technologies.