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Digitization Of Education: Current Challenges Of Education


Vadym Osaula, Ihor Parfeniuk, Maryna Lysyniuk, Viktoriia Haludzina-Horobets, Oksana Shyber, Oksana Levchenko


Vol. 21  No. 11  pp. 368-372


The article identifies the features of the digital culture of modern society in the dynamics of its impact on the education sector, identifies the main directions of digitalization education, an objective analysis is presented, the possibilities of examination as a scientific assessment are determined ""Digital reforms"" of education, the role of traditional values of educational culture in expertise and improvement digital innovations in the education system, identified the main contradictions in the development of digital culture, to determine the directions of its improvement.The article describes the three main components of information technology as a complex of hardware, software and a system of organizational and methodological support; the description of analog and digital information technologies is presented. The authors list the most common multifunctional office applications and IT tools; the advantages of using IT in the educational process are highlighted.


Innovative teaching. Higher education. Teaching technology