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The Smart Platform for Understanding the Extraordinary of the Our’an


Khalid Ali Almarhabi


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 29-34


The Qur’an is regarded as the holy book by Islam followers; they assert that God wants humankind to understand its meanings and implement best practices. Numerous individuals have attempted to understand the meaning of its verses and explore its Extraordinary Vocabulary; however, few people successfully studied and researched the different meanings of that holy text. Only a limited segment of the society comprising scholars, students, and intellectuals have grasped the teachings of the Qur’an. A majority of the general population, specifically youngsters, spend ample time using mobile phones. In this context, many innovative educational platforms have recently been launched to attract the general public to learn and use knowledge. Research has provided the positive impact of such smart platforms. This concept is about an innovative smartphone platform to help users understand and reason the Qur’an by helping with the book vocabulary explained by expert scholars. This work proposes creating an engaging digital format using innovative technologies. This idea is inspired by youngsters who demonstrate an immense interest in online learning. Qur’an vocabulary is the prerequisite to building a better understanding that allows users to get precise meaning.


Extraordinary Vocabulary, Holy Qur'an, Understanding, Reasoning, Artificial Intelligence