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Establishing and Designing the Financial System for the Research Program of the Deanship of Scientific Research at Northern Border University


Sofian Hamad and Yaser Mohammad Mohammad Al Saw


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 35-40


The study aimed to realize one of the basic requirements for designing and building the integrated automated system for scientific research at Northern Border University, which includes the establishment of an automated interconnected system to manage all academic and financial operations of scientific research. From receiving the budget of the funded research courses, then the regular financial regulation of all the research team’s rewards, the cost of publishing, translation and equipment, then receiving the research plans and linking them financially, preparing the total and detailed financial value for all stages, then financial disbursement operations, financial closure of research when published, and preparing financial reports The research team used the analytical approach to build the main and subsidiary requirements for designing the financial system, and the study concluded that all the elements required for the stages of financial management for scientific research at Northern Border University can be met based on sufficient by sequencing these processes and how they are sequenced as e It is designed in the research study.


scientific research; integrated automated systems; financial automated systems; financial systems for scientific research; Northern Border University.