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Distance Learning for Students with Intellectual Disability during the Emerging Coronavirus Pandemic: Opportunities and Challenges from Parents' Perspectives


Adhwaa M. Alnefaie, and Nizar H. Bagadood


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 85-92


Distance learning for students with intellectual disabilities can prove beneficial, particularly if adjusted to their educational characteristics and needs. This study seeks to identify the views of parents living in Saudi Arabia, regarding the opportunities offered by distance learning for students with intellectual disabilities, alongside their challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. The research employed qualitative methods using semi-structured interviews with six parents of students with intellectual disabilities. The results revealed a number of both opportunities and challenges, including issues related to the family, in addition, the data highlighted difficulties related to the educational process (i.e. a lack of variety of educational methods) and technical issues related to access to the Internet and the insufficient computer skills of both teachers and students. The findings have several important implications for future practice, including the need for training workshops for parents concerning the online platform, as well as further research to determine students’ perspectives of their experiences with distance learning.


Intellectual Disability, Distance Learning, Covid-19, Challenges, Opportunities.