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The Use Of Elements Of Innovative Pedagogical Technologies In Educational Activities


Ihor Barba, Lev Riazantsev, Oleh Koturha, Serhii Poliakov, Nadiia Bondarets


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 117-122


The article considers the position of scientists on the concept of ""pedagogical technology"", identifies the signs of pedagogical technology and existing classifications, considers non-traditional (innovative) learning technologies, as well as their practical forms of application in the educational process, summarizes the results, makes recommendations for the practical application of the studied material. The article considered the basic concepts of pedagogical technology, as well as some types of non-traditional (innovative) teaching technologies. Also, examples of the use of some elements of innovative technologies in practical educational activities are given. The choice of specific non-traditional pedagogical technologies is determined by the target orientation, content specificity, individualization of training, technical equipment of the educational institution, etc.


pedagogical design, modern educational technologies, ways of designing innovative pedagogical technologies