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Virtual Go to School (VG2S): University Support Course System with Physical Time and Space Restrictions in a Distance Learning Environment


Koji Fujita


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 137-142


Distance learning universities provide online course content. The main methods of providing class contents are on-demand and live-streaming. This means that students are not restricted by time or space. The advantage is that students can take the course anytime and anywhere. Therefore, unlike commuting students, there is no commuting time to the campus, and there is no natural process required to take classes. However, despite this convenient situation, the attendance rate and graduation rate of distance learning universities tend to be lower than that of commuting universities. Although the course environment is not the only factor, students cannot obtain a bachelor's degree unless they fulfill the graduation requirements. In both commuter and distance learning universities, taking classes is an important factor in earning credits. There are fewer time and space constraints for distance learning students than for commuting students. It is also easy for distance learning students to take classes at their own timing. There should be more ease of learning than for students who commute to school with restrictions. However, it is easier to take a course at a commuter university that conducts face-to-face classes. I thought that the reason for this was that commuting to school was a part of the process of taking classes for commuting students. Commuting to school was thought to increase the willingness and motivation to take classes. Therefore, I thought that the inconvenient constraints might encourage students to take the course. In this research, I focused on the act of commuting to school by students. These situations are also applied to the distance learning environment. The students have physical time constraints. To achieve this goal, I will implement a course restriction method that aims to promote the willingness and attitude of students. Therefore, in this paper, I have implemented a virtual school system called ""virtual go to school (VG2S)"" that reflects the actual route to school.


Distance learning, e-learning, Educational Engineering, User Experience, Interface Design