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Information Security and Its Aapplications on the Portal of the Deanship of Library Affairs at Northern Border University


Dr. Yaser Mohammad Mohammad Al Eawy


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 183-188


The study aimed to assess the state of electronic security for the website of the Deanship of Library Affairs at Northern Border University, as one of the university’s electronic portals, which provides distinguished knowledge services to faculty members, through the Saudi Digital Library, and the integrated automated system for libraries (Symphony) with the definition of cyber security of the university, and the most important threats The study sought to analyze the opinions of a wide sample of faculty members, towards evaluating the state of electronic security for the Deanship of Library Affairs portal, through the use of both the analytical method, as well as the survey, using the questionnaire tool, and the study sample consisted of 95 A faculty member of all academic categories and degrees, and university faculties, and the study concluded that it is necessary to work to overcome the relative slowness of the university’s Internet, with the faculty members notifying the information security services through e-mail and SMS service, with the continuous updating of operating systems, Apply and use the latest anti-spyware, hacking, and anti-virus software at the university, while conducting extensive research studies towards information security services, and contracting It aims to introduce information security risks, and ways to combat and overcome them, and spread the culture of information security among faculty members.


electronic security; cyber security; security threats; Deanship of Library Affairs; Northern Border University.