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Formation Of Digital Culture Of Scientific And Pedagogical Workers In The Conditions Of General Digitalization Of Education


Andrii Kononenko, Iryna Smyrnova, Petro Rybalko, Vasyl Obraz, Yuliia Balakhovska, Maryna Prepotenska


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 189-192


The article theoretically substantiated, developed and practically implemented a structural and functional model of the formation of ICT competence, taking into account interdisciplinary integration, defines the pedagogical conditions that contribute to the formation of ICT competence: interdisciplinary integration as a basis for building an interdisciplinary course, the content of which is aimed at the formation of ICT competence; the use of IEE, including information, didactic, technological components as a basis for the formation of ICT competence; integration of formal, non-formal and informal education for the implementation the integrity of the acquired knowledge, skills, experience as the basis for the formation of the ICT competence of teachers; creation and use of a set of tasks (educational (UZ), educational and methodological (UMP), educational and professional (UPZ)) as special tools for the formation of ICT competence.


information technology, communication technologies, education system, educational process, ICT competence.