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De-Centralized Information Flow Control for Cloud Virtual Machines with Blowfish Encryption Algorithm


Yogesh B.Gurav and Dr.Bankat M.Patil


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 235-247


Today, the cloud computing has become a major demand of many organizations. The major reason behind this expansion is due to its cloud’s sharing infrastructure with higher computing efficiency, lower cost and higher fle3xibility. But, still the security is being a hurdle that blocks the success of the cloud computing platform. Therefore, a novel Multi-tenant Decentralized Information Flow Control (MT-DIFC) model is introduced in this research work. The proposed system will encapsulate four types of entities: (1) The central authority (CA), (2) The encryption proxy (EP), (3) Cloud server CS and (4) Multi-tenant Cloud virtual machines. Our contribution resides within the encryption proxy (EP). Initially, the trust level of all the users within each of the cloud is computed using the proposed two-stage trust computational model, wherein the user is categorized bas primary and secondary users. The primary and secondary users vary based on the application and data owner’s preference. Based on the computed trust level, the access privilege is provided to the cloud users. In EP, the cipher text information flow security strategy is implemented using the blowfish encryption model. For the data encryption as well as decryption, the key generation is the crucial as well as the challenging part. In this research work, a new optimal key generation is carried out within the blowfish encryption Algorithm. In the blowfish encryption Algorithm, both the data encryption as well as decryption is accomplishment using the newly proposed optimal key. The proposed optimal key has been selected using a new Self Improved Cat and Mouse Based Optimizer (SI-CMBO), which has been an advanced version of the standard Cat and Mouse Based Optimizer. The proposed model is validated in terms of encryption time, decryption time, KPA attacks as well.


Cloud Computing; Decentralized Information Flow Control; Multi-Tenant Architecture; Blowfish Algorithm;SI-CMBO.