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Information Sovereignty as the Basis of Modern State Information Security


Oleksandr Zozulia, Ihor Zozulia, Oksana Brusakova, Yurii Kholod, Yevheniia Berezhna


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 264-268


In the context of globalization of information processes, the prevalence of information wars and terrorism, there are new threats to national interests in the information sphere, which actualizes providing the information sovereignty of modern states. Therefore, the purpose of the article is an in-depth analysis of the features and content of information sovereignty as a component of state sovereignty, its relationship with freedom of information and information security, as well as a characterization of the bases and directions of providing information sovereignty. The information sovereignty of the modern state includes its activities to determine national interests in the information sphere, the formation and implementation of information policy, providing information security, regulation and control of information processes. The realization of information sovereignty should be based on real freedom of information, information privacy and the state obligation to provide them. Ensuring information sovereignty also requires solving the problems of formation of modern information legislation, which would comprehensively establish the bases and directions of providing information sovereignty, exceptional cases of restriction of freedom of information.


sovereignty, information, security, state, law, human rights