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Contemporary Management of University`s Strategic Development: the Case Study on Ukrainian Universities


Olena Kovtun, Vitalii Lutsiak, Anatolii Ostapchuk, Daria Lavinska, Kseniia Sieriebriak, Anna Kononenko, Svitlana Bebko


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 269-279


In the current conditions of world socio-economic development, the strategic support of the process of managing the development of universities has become a particularly important area. Strategic management requires reliable information and analytical support in the form of sound descriptions of strategic directions of development, assumptions, and forecasts. The purpose of the study is to substantiate and elaborate the crucial causes in the strategic management of university`s development and to suggest the coherent prospects for advancements. The data analysis was performed using descriptive methods to identify the most significant causes that affect the university`s strategic development; the expert assessment was used to rank the factors, ultimately to assess each factor that affects to some extent the university`s strategic development; the abstract-logical method was used to ground the positive impact of computer technologies and e-learning on the strategic development of a university and to formulate proposals for its further progress. The main results provided in the given paper showed that significant and most important strategic cause of university`s development lies in the field of improving the quality of education, expanding access to educational services based on computer technology and its functionality. In turn, its widespread use at all stages of the educational process allows providing a number of advancements for universities in strategic prospects.


university, strategy, management, development, electronic learning technology