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Functioning of Economic Systems in the Context of Their Potential Development in the Conditions of Circular Economy


Anna Pohrebniak, Liudmyla Petrashko, Nina Dovgopol, Yurii Ovsiuchenko, Oksana Berveno


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 309-315


The purpose of the article is to analyze the functioning of economic systems in the context of the development of their potential in a circular economy. It is determined that the functioning of economic systems to ensure their sustainability should meet modern challenges and provide for the formation of competitive institutional architecture, the introduction of structural and regulatory innovations, the transition to an innovative model of development. The specific principles of functioning of economic systems include openness, nonlinearity, multivectority, dynamism, emergence, uncertainty about the development of economic processes. It is substantiated that the linear nature of development and equilibrium are not dominant in the functioning of economic systems, and increasing the level of economic efficiency should go hand in hand with minimizing the activities of enterprises, which necessitates the use of circular economy. The main prerequisites for the transition to a circular economy are analyzed. It is determined that the basic concept of the circular economy involves the development of a system of production and consumption, which is based on processing, reuse, repair, product sharing, change of consumption patterns and new business models and systems. The main elements of the circular economy include: a closed cycle, the use of renewable energy sources, systems thinking. The correlation of the principles of sustainable development and the peculiarities of the application of the circular economy is analyzed. It is determined that the circular economy contrasts with the traditional linear economic model, which is based on the model of ""take-do-consume-throw away"". The advantages and disadvantages due to the use of the principles of circular economy are given. Based on the study, steps are identified to accelerate the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy.


economic system, potential, production model, circular economy, linear economy, closed cycle.