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Corruption as a Threat to Economic Security of the Country


Halyna Samiilenko, Nataliia Ivanova, Iryna Shaposhnykova, Lidiia Vasylchenko, Iryna Solomakha, Svitlana Povna


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 316-322


The problem of corruption and the spread of corruption crime today is not only one of the main social problems, but also an obstacle to the implementation of reforms in Ukraine. Given the complexity, scale and diversity of the impact of corruption, it is an undisputed threat to national security. At the state level, corruption threatens, firstly, state security as a result of its spread in public authorities and the combination of political and business spheres; secondly, in the domestic political sphere as a result of non-compliance and violation by officials of public authorities and local governments of the laws of Ukraine; thirdly, in the economic sphere as a result of the dominance of personal interests of civil servants over national ones; fourthly, in other spheres, namely, military, social, ecological, informational, foreign policy, etc. The origins of corruption are diverse and are formed not only in the country but also abroad. The current corruption threat is the result of the country's ineffective domestic and foreign anti-corruption policies. Acceleration of the spread and manifestation of external corruption threats is associated with a number of unresolved foreign policy issues against the background of the development of globalization and integration processes, in particular: economic and financial dependence of the country on international financial institutions and organizations; as well as from foreign countries that pose a potential threat due to their ambitious plans to expand our country; unresolved issues regarding the international legal consolidation of borders, etc. It is noted that the current conditions for the development of state security, due to new challenges and threats, need to improve and implement new measures to prevent corruption as a negative impact of the main threats to national economic security. As a result of the study, the main measures to counter the main threats to the economic security of the state were identified.


.corruption, economic security, prevention and counteraction of corruption; national security, public administration.