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Efficiency Management of the Enterprises Activity Based on the Principles of Innovative Development


Hanna Chernoivanova, Inna Kozlova, Kateryna Kryvobok, Karina Nemashkalo, Oleksii Yermolenko


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 328-334


The article examines the economic essence and approaches to determining the efficiency of the enterprise. The author in the study considers the effectiveness and from the standpoint of qualitative analysis of the effectiveness of change and implementation of enterprise development goals. It is established that the tool for ensuring qualitative impacts on the efficiency of the enterprise is the innovative development of the economic space of the enterprise. The article considers the dominant innovations that have influenced the means and methods of production. An organizational and economic mechanism has been recommended to coordinate the costs of innovation activities in order to ensure the efficiency of enterprises. The object of management in the organizational and economic mechanism is the innovation process in the enterprise: from the design of strategic goals of innovation, search and commercialization of innovations, to building and implementing innovation potential. The efficiency of the enterprise under the condition of realization of innovative potential will be characterized by steady competitive advantages and strategically-oriented behavior in the market. Key words:


innovative development, technological way of life, industrialization, dominant innovations, innovative potential, efficiency of activity, enterprise.