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Application Of Information Technologies In Network Mass Communication Media


Kateryna Ulianova, Tetiana Kovalova, Tetiana Mostipan, Maryna Lysyniuk, Ihor Parfeniuk


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 344-348


The article examines one of the most important means of visualization of mass information on the Internet - information graphics in the broadest sense of the term as a visual technology for presenting mass information. The main objectives of the article are to determine the genre-typological features of infographics and basic technological principles; identification of features of creation and use of information graphics in modern network. Certain benefits of online infographic editors include savings in resources and time. They allow the user, who has basic PC skills, to create standardized infographics based on their own data. In addition, the use of online services develops visual thinking, allows you to get an idea of quality criteria and current trends in infographics, as well as to gain initial experience in the visual presentation of data.


information technology, communication technologies, communication media.