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Tourism Potential of the Regions in the Conditions of European Integration


Viktoriia Tkach, Andrii Rogovyi, Olena Zelenska, Olena Gonta, Nataliya Aleshugina, Yuliia Tochylina


Vol. 21  No. 12  pp. 356-364


In the formation of a socially oriented economy in the context of European integration, the development of tourism is one of the priority areas that positively affects the socio-economic situation of the country as a whole and its regions in particular, stimulates important economic activities and strengthens Ukraine's positive image in Europe and the world. In view of this, in the framework of a thorough study of the tourism industry it is necessary to assess its potential. This study proposes an assessment of tourism potential in the regional context, which consists of consistent implementation of six steps, namely: first, the definition of research objects for which the tourism potential is determined; secondly, the formation of a set of basic features for assessing tourism potential of certain objects; thirdly, the collection of information on individual indicators, which are selected to assess the tourism potential of the objects; fourth, the calculation of parametric indices by comparing the indicators of each individual object of study (region) with the average values in the set of objects under study; fifth, the definition of a generalized index of tourism potential of the region; sixth, grouping regions by the values of the generalized index of tourism potential. Execution of the stated algorithm involves the use of various methods, in particular, statistical, graphical, parametric, the analysis of hierarchies, matrix and cartographic. Approbation of the proposed assessment of tourism potential at the regional level in Ukraine allowed to group regions according to the values of the generalized index of tourism potential, which can be used as a basis for developing measures to increase and enhance their tourism potential in Ukraine in terms of European integration.


tourism potential, region, European integration, competitiveness, regional economy, sustainable development.