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Blending of Contrast Enhancement Techniques for Underwater Images


Deepa Abin ,Sudeep D.Thepade, and Amulya R. Maitre


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 1-6


Exploration has always been an instinct of humans, and underwater life is as fascinating as it seems. So, for studying flora and fauna below water, there is a need for high-quality images. However, the underwater images tend to be of impaired quality due to various factors, which calls for improved and enhanced underwater images. There are various Histogram Equalization (HE) based techniques which could aid in solving these issues. Classifying the HE methods broadly, there is Global Histogram Equalization (GHE), Mean Brightness Preserving HE (MBPHE), Bin Modified HE (BMHE), and Local HE (LHE). Each of these HE extensions have their own pros and cons and thus, by considering them we have considered BBHE, CLAHE, BPDHE, BPDFHE, and DSIHE enhancement algorithms, which are based on Mean Brightness Preserving HE and Local HE, for this study. The performance is evaluated with non-reference performance measures like Entropy, UCIQE, UICM, and UIQM. In this study, we apply the enhancement algorithms on 300 images from the UIEB benchmark dataset and then apply the techniques of cascading fusion on the best-performing algorithms.


Cascading Fusion; Local HE; Mean Brightness Preserving HE; Underwater Image Enhancement; UIEB