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Features and Tendencies of the Digital Marketing Use in the Activation of the International Business Activity


Zhanna Zhygalkevych, Viktoriia Zalizniuk, Serhii Smerichevskyi, Tetiana Zabashtanska, Serhii Zatsarynin, Rostislav Tulchynskiy


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 77-84


The study highlights the features and trends of digital marketing for international business. To achieve these goals, the authors used a systematic approach that allows a comprehensive approach to the object of study, as well as used general and specific methods of scientific knowledge on the application of digital marketing for international business. The dynamics of the number of users of social networks in the world is analyzed, which allowed us to conclude about the steady trend of increasing the number of users of the Internet and social networks, as well as the time spent by users on social networks. The study of the dynamics of the number of users of social networks provides increased efficiency in the use of digital marketing tools to enhance international business. The most effective digital marketing tools for international business, including artificial intelligence, conversational marketing, chatbots, personalization, video marketing, live shopping, social media stories, interactive content, omnic marketing, augmented reality and technology immersion, native advertising, green marketing and mobile commerce.


digital marketing, international business, marketing, advertising, social networks.