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Improved User Privacy in Social Networks Based on Hash Function


Kawthar Alrwuili and Saloua Hendaoui


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 97-104


In recent years, data privacy has become increasingly important. The goal of network cryptography is to protect data while it is being transmitted over the internet or a network. Social media and smartphone apps collect a lot of personal data which if exposed, might be damaging to privacy. As a result, sensitive data is exposed and data is shared without the data owner's consent. Personal Information is one of the concerns in data privacy. Protecting user data and sensitive information is the first step to keeping user data private. Many applications user data can be found on other websites. In this paper, we discuss the issue of privacy and suggest a mechanism for keeping user data hidden in other applications.


Cryptography, encryption, privacy, security, social network, mitigation technique, hash, application, protection, web server, application server, database server