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Microwave Network Study by Bond Graph Approach. Application to Tow-Port Network Filter


Sabri Jmal, Hichem Taghouti, and Abdelkader Mami


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 121-128


There are much processing techniques of microwave circuits, whose dimensions are small compared to the wavelength, but the disadvantage is that they cannot be directly applied to circuits working at high and/or low frequencies. In this article, we will consider the bond graph approach as a tool for analyzing and understanding the behavior of microwave circuits, and to show how basic circuit and network concepts can be extended to handle many microwaves analysis and design problems of practical interest. This behavior revealed in the scattering matrix filter, and which will be operated from its reduced bond graph model. So, we propose in this paper, a new application of bond graph approach jointly with the scattering bond graph for a high frequency study.


Bond Graph Approach; Scattering Formalisme; Microwave Filter; Scattering Parameter, Network.