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Intensification Of Cognitive Activity Of Higher Education Seekers As A Central Problem Of Modern Didactics


Aryna Kharkivska, Valentyna Honcharuk, Valentyna Tyurina, Svitlana Yuldasheva, Liudmyla Koval, Olha Poliakova


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 161-166


The article describes technologies in a unified methodological vein, since teaching based on them at the present stage is clearly eclectic in nature and depends on the individual - ""biased"" - professional attitude of teachers to technologies and those ideologies that gave rise to them. In this article, the future teacher will get acquainted with only some of these technologies. With the hope that this article will help the future teacher understand the essence of the technological approach, determine his pedagogical position and improve his pedagogical culture.


psychophysiological and socio-psychological spheres, individual, education system, educational process.