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Information Support for Economic Growth and Security under the Influence of COVID-19


Lina Shenderivska, Taisi?a Lazorenko, Oksana Butkevych, Andrii Khomenko, Nataliia Shuprudko


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 206-212


The main purpose of the article is to study the peculiarities of the formation of information support mechanisms for economic growth and security under the influence of COVID-19. The cyclical nature of economic growth is a well-established and proven fact. In this context, one of the main tasks of the state is to develop measures to mitigate the impact of economic crises on the entire economic system of the state, individual economic entities, as well as to introduce anti-crisis mechanisms and tools to support the economy. When the cyclical nature of economic crises coincides with destabilizing processes in society, such as natural disasters, military actions or epidemics, the role of the state and adequate information support for economic growth is sharply actualized. As a result, an analysis was made of the main aspects of information support for economic growth and security in the context of COVID-19.


economic growth, information support, anti-crisis mechanisms, destabilizing processes,COVID-19.