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The Status of Teachers of Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Practicing Strategies for the Modification of Aggressive Behaviour in Saudi Arabia


Yasser O. Alqurashi and Nizar H. Bagadood


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 241-247


This study examines teachers’ implementation of strategies to modify the aggressive behavior of students with intellectual disabilities in Saudi Arabia, to determine the obstacles to their real-world execution. In addition, it presents potential approaches to overcome the obstacles to implementing strategies with this group of students. The research employed a qualitative design using semi-structured interviews as a data collection tool and applied a thematic analysis. The study population comprised 35 teachers of students with intellectual disabilities and the study sample numbered six teachers. The interviews were conducted via different methods: three by phone, two face-to face, and one using the Zoom platform. The results revealed inadequate understanding among teachers of intellectual disability and behaviour modification strategies, and this affected their capacity to develop plans that were compatible with the needs of students with intellectual disability. The findings also identified multiple obstacles that impede teachers’ implementation of strategies to modify aggressive behaviour among students with intellectual disabilities; the most important being the lack of input from a psychological specialist when developing programs to modify aggressive behaviour. In general, it is apparent that programs for modifying aggressive behaviour are neither structured nor complementary, due to the scarcity of administrators with sufficient knowledge and familiarity with the characteristics and personalities of students with intellectual disabilities. This study presents several recommendations, the most important of which is that teachers of students with intellectual disability should develop themselves through training courses to enable them to deal with these students and create treatment plans that include strategies and clear steps to modify the aggressive behaviour of students with intellectual disabilities. To support teachers, it is also necessary to remove the obstacles facing education centres by providing financial support to create an environment in which they can access the required devices and equipment in their classes.


teachers, students with intellectual disabilities, aggressive behaviour, Saudi.