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Knowledge Assessment of Teachers of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder from Applied Behaviour Analysis Perspective


Budor H. Saigh and Nizar H. Bagadood


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 288-294


This study aims to assess the knowledge of teachers working with students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) regarding applied behaviour analysis (ABA). The study was concerned with teachers’ knowledge of ABA, its application in the classroom, barriers to its use and desired training opportunities and/or resources to enhance teacher application of ABA strategies in the classroom. Data were collected via an online survey completed by 190 teachers with students diagnosed with ASD in British schools. The results revealed overall knowledge of ABA strategies for classrooms, with only some teachers uninformed about the broad use and some key elements, and general familiarity with skills crucial for applying ABA. Actual knowledge of ABA was found to be high. In terms of application of ABA, the majority of the teachers employed a wide range of known strategies. A number of barrier to the application of ABA were noted including a lack of knowledge and training, a lack of administrative support and a lack of time and physical resources. Theoretical knowledge is crucial for practical applications; however, practical training was found to be important to ensure intervention efficacy.


applied behaviour analysis, autism spectrum disorder, teachers, special education.