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Smart-City Development Management: Goals аnd Instruments




Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 324-330


At the present stage of the world economic development, a new economic system is being formed, in which non-economic values, in particular environmental and social parameters, have become widespread. A new vision of economic activity is being formed, which acquires the qualities of Smart-economy. The purpose of this paper is reveal the features of managing the development of smart cities as specific entities of the Smart-economy. New functions of economic entities are formed within the framework of the Smart-economy concept, while their role and weight in the localities’ activity or formation have changed. Determining that the key trends in the Smart-economy development are such as digitalization, greening, socialization, institutionalization, and urbanization, this is necessary to note that all these trends are most active in the formation of urban ecosystems. These trends are determined by the general population growth and the urban population growth, which requires considerable attention to planning each city’s development itself. Such planning could ensure the comfort of living for all its inhabitants, quality, safe, and modern life. The Smart-city’s key elements and the intellectualized approach implementation planes to the decision of these or those tasks are definedIt is determined that a new ecosystem of governance is being formed.


Smart-economy, urban population, smart city, smart city management, smartivist.