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Information Technologies in the Formation of Environmental Consciousness in Future Professionals


Mykhailo Tomchuk, Maryna Khrolenko, Kateryna Volokhata, Yuliia Bakka, Oleg Ieresko, Yanina Kambalova


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 331-339


The global process of transition from industrial to information society, as well as socio-economic changes taking place in Ukraine, require significant changes in many areas of state activity. It is especially connected with the reforms in the sphere of education. Today, national programs provide for the development of education on the basis of new progressive concepts, the introduction of the educational process of new pedagogical technologies and scientific achievements, the creation of a new system of information education, entrance of Ukaine into the transcontinental computer information system. Information technologies are qualitatively changing the key resources of development: this is no longer a space with fixed production, but primarily mobile finance and intelligence. They have a direct impact on the formation of personal growth, professional content and self-organization, emotional and psychological maturity and consciousness, and so on.


information technologies, ecological worldview, ecological consciousness, ecological competence, ecological education, life safety culture of future specialists.