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Source Credibility in Twitter


Ahmad Alturki, Ahmad Alsanad, Shatha Alhathal


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 383-410


Previous research efforts mention that the social engineering illustrates one of the critical security risk/issues. Social engineering considers as the art of deception, manipulation, influencing and deceiving people to force them to perform actions or divulging their confidential information. Recent studies state that Social Networking Sites (SNSs) pose as a breeding ground for social engineering attacks. The danger of social engineering attacks in SNSs is obviously shown in the difficulty of taking accurate judgments about the source credibility in any virtual environment of SNSs. Source credibility is one of the source characteristics which reflects the reliability of that source and therefore, it will influence receivers to accept attacker's message. This research aims to investigate the source credibility concept in terms of social engineering, twitter as an example of SNS, using quantitative approach. The developed model of source credibility judgment for social engineering will contribute in clarifying the main dimensions of source credibility to know how receivers will perceive that source. Moreover, source characteristics that affect twitter’s users to make a judgment on the credibility of the attacker.


Source credibility, Twitter, Social networking sites (SNSs), Social engineering, Attacker.