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Development of Information Processing Skills in Sociology Bachelors


Olena Bartosh, Ruslana Dzhuhan, Nataliya Kachmar, Yaryna Khmil, Kristina Novosad, Viktoria Riul, Fedir Shandor, Nataliia Varha, Ruslan Zhylenko


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 419-428


The article reviews the issue of formation of practical skills in sociology bachelors on sociological information processing in the context of their professional training, based on Bachelor’s Standard of Ukrainian Higher Education in the specialty “Sociology”. The main internal / external factors that determine the need for the formation of practical skills in sociology bachelors have been identified. The content of courses taught, where students learn how to process research results, project and model social processes or phenomena using statistic packages, as well as forms and methods of teaching have been disclosed. International experience on development of information processing skills in sociology bachelors has been considered.


bachelor of sociology, information and communication technologies, normative-legal framework, practical skills, professional training.