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Evaluation Of Physical Processes In The Management Of Technical Systems And Complexes Under The Influence Of Destructive Electromagnetic Radiation


Maksym Iasechko, Igor Maslov, Leonid Kanevskyy, Andrii Krasnorutskyi, Dmytro Maksiuta, Gennadiy Levagin,


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 465-470


The article analyzes the possible physical effects and processes that can occur in semiconductor and microprocessor radio-electronic equipment when exposed to powerful electromagnetic radiation of ultrashort duration, of different origin. The primary and secondary effects in semiconductor elements under the influence of pulsed microwave noise are considered. Experimental studies of the destructive effect on computing technology are analyzed with an example of a personal computer based on a 286 processor (8-12 MHz), which included a system unit in a metal case, a keyboard and a monitor. For BBS with a spectrum width of f = 0.5?2 GHz, the processor hangs up. BBS duration is 3… 5 ns, rise time is 0.5 ns.


radio electronic means, electromagnetic radiation, ultrashort pulse duration, broadband signals.