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Application of Digital Technologies in University Education: Conceptual and Analytical Approach


Olena Kravchuk, Oksana Tsyselska, Bohdan Buriak, Nataliia Miatenko, Volodymyr Mironov,


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 479-484


Integration of technologies into university education requires an understanding of the theories, concepts, and approaches ensuring the greatest efficiency in the process of using innovations at HEIs. This requires the investigation of practice and experience in choosing of conceptual and analytical approaches by HEIs in the process of applying technologies in various fields of higher education. The purpose of the academic paper lies in forming a set of conceptual and analytical approaches for subsequent using digital technologies in university education. Methodology. In the present research, based on the conceptual-analytical approach, an analysis of concepts, theories, approaches (system theory and systems approach, constructivism, personality theory, psychology of vocational education based on personality-oriented learning, lifelong learning, pedagogical competence, structural and functional approaches) has been carried out, underlying the application of digital technologies in university education. Results. Based on empirical verification, the main hypothesis of the research has been confirmed. HEIs combine different conceptual and analytical approaches depending on the field of application of digital technologies in university education. Constructivism is the basic theoretical basis for technology integration. Complementary components of constructivism are as follows: 1) the concept of lifelong learning, implying a constant need for participants in university education in order to update their digital skills; 2) competence-based approach, involving the formation of basic and special competences of teachers, students; 3) centralised approach for technical support for academic staff and students; 4) systemic and structural-functional approaches for the integrated use of technology in various fields of higher education; 5) the theory of personality-oriented learning based on the principle of student-centeredness as a basis for the introduction of technologies


Digital Technologies, University Education, Conceptual and Analytical Approach, Technologies of higher educational institutions (HEIs), Application of Technologies in Higher Education.