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Research Of the Communicative Aspect of Pedagogical Activity


Nataliia Osipenko, Svitlana Sytnik, Ivan Krylenko, Sergiy Karikov, Inna Pidhorodetska, Mykhailo Martyniuk


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 618-624


The article explores the categories, methodology and types of activities; the pedagogical aspect of the activity is considered; the analysis of experimental studies of the communicative component of pedagogical activity has been carried out. The task of the psychological study of activity is investigated to reveal the system of its theoretical principles, to reveal how in the process of purposeful activity of a person the practical transformation of the objective world occurs, what is the mechanism of mental regulation of activity, how the person himself changes in the process of activity, how activity affects the development of opportunities man and the completion of his nature and how the activity itself takes on an individual character.


Pedagogical activity, education system, educational process, communicative component.