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Value Semantics of Multivector Behavior of Virtual Communities as a Psycho-Potential Hazard to Spiritual Foundations, Information Culture, and National Security


Vitaliy Matveev, Svitlana Khrypko,Vita Tytarenko, Olesia Stoliarchuk, Alla Ishchuk, Maryna Tereshchenko, Katerina PASKO


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 625-633


Virtual communities are not only an integral feature of postmodern modernity and cyberspace. They have also become a potential web platform for new opportunities to participate in various clubs - from temporary modern (like puppet groups or groups for psychological training) to established institutions like religious communities, ethnic history projects, university communities, etc. Information and cultural rules and standards of a country are a priority for domestic and foreign policies due to their broad social significance, which makes them a potential motivation in shaping the priorities of an individual's life. The postmodern world is determined by the tremendous upgrowth of the information sector. It results in unique cultural phenomena in communication and, therefore, new hazards and threats to the interests of citizens and society, government and security. The article is aimed at emphasizing the multivector nature and multicultural essence of virtual communities and at defining the distinguishing features of virtual communities to understand their operational principles in the frame of modern communication culture, to outline threats and risks for a society coming from virtual communities.


virtual communities, semantic codes, communication culture, information culture, security, psychology of values, spiritual foundations