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Graphic Designing as a Source of Student Earnings: A Workspace of Aesthetics Arts


Viacheslav Borysov, Svitlana Borysova, Iryna Prodan, Gleb Borisov


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 650-658


Graphic design is the process of creating something special from a plain. Modern graphic design has become broader and more technological due to using digital devices. There have been so many new trends in graphic design in recent years; hence it’s very important to stay more up-to-date with the recent trends and upgrading technology of graphic design. Conventional training of graphic designers isn’t enough now. Learners have to learn graphic design by developing an aesthetic mind as well as technological skills. Therefore we have made a detailed analysis of the recent trends in graphic design. Also, there has been a detailed analysis of all types of skills required to be a great graphic designer. These analyses can help graphic design trainers to train the learners and develop them as skilled graphic designers in the modern era.


Graphic Design, Motion graphic, 3D Design, Typography, Monochrome, Duotone.