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Information & Analytical Support of Civil Servants Professional Competencies Monitoring Studies


Eduard Afonin, Olga Balakireva, Vitaliy Omelyanenko, Ilona Klymenko, Iryna Korchak


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 672-678


The article contains arguments on the need to develop information & analytical support tools for assessing change, analysis of successes, problems, barriers that arise in the process of public administration reform. Authors consider invariants of professional competencies of civil servants. The authors argue that comprehensive information support for reforms should be based on the principles of sociological monitoring and should consist of the formation of targets, have a baseline assessment, regular monitoring surveys, dynamic analysis. The methodology used in the study can be a valuable tool for sociological and psychological research of civil servants, taking into account its advantages and at the same time the inherent limitations of any methodology.


civil servants, information culture, ICT.