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A Smart Application for Friday's Sermons Analysis


Abdulaziz A. AlShammari, Tariq S. Almurayziq, Yousef K. Qawqzeh


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 679-683


Regulations and rules are essential to all aspects of life and they suit both how one wishes to live, and how others should conform one’s lifestyle. Several supporters have asserted that crime which is a violation against laws of the society, is integral to the human nature and hence the society can never be completely free from it. Modern society is characterized by increasing levels of risk discomposed by internal and external security threats. In this regard, security driven by technology is increasingly being used by government, corporate bodies, and individuals to monitor and reduce risks. This work proposed a system that will automatically suggest a sermon title for each Friday's sermon. The authorized Friday preachers (Imams) will receive the proposed tittle among its keywords in which they will be deployed into the sermon text. The system will then receive the uploaded sermon text to be analyzed for the purpose of accepting or rejecting the uploaded sermon by each and every Imam. The system will be utilized for awareness promotion based on security concerns in each area. It will utilize the analysis of Friday’s sermon text by developing a customized machine-learning algorithm that discovers the hidden semantic structure of such documents using topic-modelling algorithm, in particular, the Latent Semantic Analysis algorithm. If the sermon scores more than 70% in deploying the keywords, it will be accepted, otherwise, it will be rejected.


Sermon Tracking; Sermon Management; Topic Modelling; Security Awareness.