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Comprehensive Review of Digital Maturity Model and Proposal for A Continuous Digital Transformation Process with Digital Maturity Model Integration


Hoang Pham Minh and Hong Pham Thi Thanh


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 741-757


In recent years, digital transformation is one of the most popular trends for enterprises worldwide. The global trend of digital technologies and the COVID-19 pandemic have made the growth speed of digital transformation steadier than ever. In this condition, practitioners and academic researchers believe that the digital maturity model is one of the most effective weapons helping managers and the workforce to manage to transform their businessesdigitally. However, the digital maturity model (DMM) is a type of maturity model (MM) that is relatively new in model development and digital maturity assessment methodologies, especially when integrated intoan extensive digital transformation process. By this paper,the authors aim to conduct a comprehensive review to clarify the current state of the DMM field, including its essential characteristics, popular elements belonging to its structures, number of methods, and techniques used in developing and applying them. In addition, these papers identify major areas being researched. Moreover, under the capture from reviewing results, the authors raise some challenges to the field, including i) a need for standardizations its component names, ii) the need for a contextualized but low budget DMM for SME can apply for their business, iii) the need for positioning DMM applied processes in a master digital transformation process and in a dynamics context that help applications of DMM more efficient. The authors proposed a solution for the third challenge by a conceptual model that integrates DMM into a continuous digital transformation process.


digital transformation, digital maturity model, continuous transformation process, change management.