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The Concept of Quality Assurance in M-Commerce Applications in Arabic Societies


Adel A. Bahaddad


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 758-775


The consumer segment represents the most important part of electronic commerce (E-commerce) and mobile commerce (M-commerce). This paper details features of how this segment is approached, including low price, variety of choice offered, and easy-to-complete online transactions. Despite the increasing number of smartphone users, online trading is still limited in some Arab societies, such as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), comparing to the size and strength of these countries’ economies. According to Arab Portal Technical News, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are among the top countries globally when it comes to the percentage of smartphone users. Many of M-commerce features’ cannot be accepted and implemented to consumers if their trust falls below the required levels in measures of target audiences’ confidence. Many previous studies have concentrated primarily on E-commerce in the study region, rather than the business aspects of M-commerce applications. However, identifying methods of increasing the levels of confidence and improvement in quality assurances in commercial smartphone applications can contribute to the design and building of appropriate applications that reflect, in particular, the needs of the Arabic segments of Middle Eastern populations. In total, 799 questionnaires were administered and collected from a variety of participants. Our study identified the primary factors that increase assurances in the M-commerce applications that are used on smartphones. Our findings demonstrate the importance of quality assurance in these countries.


Questionnaire Survey, GCC, M-commerce, Commercial Application, Quality Assurance