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MTSA: Multiple Tasks Scheduling Algorithm based on Server Efficiency in Mobile Edge Computing


S.M. Muthukumari and Dr. E. George Dharma Prakash Raj


Vol. 22  No. 1  pp. 776-780


Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) may be a computing procedure in which the highlights of Cloud Computing are being expanded to the edge of systems through versatile base stations. In Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC), a few data numbers are given by portable clients, and after that data is exchanged to the inaccessible cloud to render an extra handle all through the Web. Concurring to the over strategy, a few delays happen due to the enormous distance. In this paper, how to allot a few tasks to the server at a time and figure out the need of the approaching request utilizing the Ageing based Task scheduling (ATSA) algorithm conjointly define the server effectiveness of the framework to handle the errands. Based on the above-expressed approach, the assignments can be planned to the server and get distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved a distant for better result.


ATSA algorithm, Cloud Computing, Mobile Cloud Computing, Mobile Edge Computing, SESA algorithm.