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Features of the Socio-Economic Development of the Countries of the World under the influence of the Digital Economy and COVID-19


Svitlana Kryshtanovych, Olha Prosovych, Yaroslav Panas, Nataliia Trushkina, Vladyslav Omelchenko


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 9-14


The main purpose of the study is to determine the main features of the socio-economic development of the countries of the world under the influence of the digital economy and COVID-19. The modern world has already taken the first step towards a fundamentally new technological, economic and social reality. However, the challenges facing the modern industrial society cannot be overestimated. We are talking about changing the global socio-technological order, the consequence of which is a complete reformatting of the systems familiar to us, the formation of new social and economic strategies. the technological paradigm is immediately changing, management models and social norms are changing, large-scale demographic shifts are taking place. As a result of the study, key aspects of socio-economic development in the digital economy were identified.


Socio-Economic Development, countries, digital, digital economy.