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Web-based Personal Dose Management System for Data Recording on Dosimeter Usage: A Case of Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission


Angela Mseke, John Ben Ngatunga, Anael Sam, Devotha G. Nyambo


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 15-22


Modern technology drives the world, increasing performance while reducing labor and time expenses. Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission (TAEC) tracks employee’s levels of exposure to radiation sources using dosimeters. According to legal compliance, workers wear dosimeters for three months and one month at the workplace. However, TAEC has problems in tracking, issuing and returning dosimeters because the existing tracking is done manually. The study intended to develop a Personal Dose Management System (PDMS) that processes and manages the data collected by dosimeters for easy and accurate records. During the requirements elicitation process, the study looked at the existing system. PDMS’ requirement gathering included document reviews, user interviews, and focused group discussions. Development and testing of the system were implemented by applying the evolutionary prototyping technique. The system provides a login interface for system administrators, radiation officers, and Occupational Exposed Workers. The PDMS grants TAEC Staff access to monitor individual exposed workers, prints individual and institutional reports and manages workers' information. The system reminds the users when to return dosimeters to TAEC, generate reports, and facilitates dispatching and receiving dosimeters effectively. PDMS increases efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing workload, paperwork, and inaccurate records. Therefore, based on the results obtained from the system, it is recommended to use the system to improve dosimeter data management at the institution.


Personal dose management; dosimeter; radiation; worker; exposure.