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Modern Tendencies of Digitalization of the Financial Services Sphere


Denys Krylov, Oleksandr Papaika, Olena Panchenko, Dmytro Pylevych, Olena Kozlianchenko, Nataliia Konoplia


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 39-46


The article is devoted to clarifying current trends in the digitalization of financial services. To this end, the evolution of this process in the financial sector was studied and six stages of its development were identified. The components of successful implementation of digitalization in the field of financial services and its tasks are outlined. It was found that fintech companies, which work to achieve effective interaction between the financial sector and innovative technologies in the use of mobile applications in order to most fully and quickly meet the needs of customers with financial services, are of great importance for the formation and development of digitalization in financial services. Current trends in the digitalization of financial services in Ukraine based on the use of fintech in general and banking institutions in particular are presented.


digitalization, digitalization tendencies, sphere of financial services, financial services market, financial technologies (fintech).