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Less than Attractiveness of e-Sports Games for Female Audience - Journalism


Petryk Oleksandr, Sydorenko Natalia, Volobuieva Anastasia


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 57-62


The attractiveness of e-sports games and the way it is spread has changed in recent years. Instead of conventional approaches, such as advertising campaigns or televised events, spectators are increasingly drawn to online platforms, which offer more opportunities for communication. Besides live streaming services like Twitch. tv, where spectators can watch matches in real-time or via recorded videos, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are now adding e-sports related content to their networks [1]. Especially the combination of live streams on Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook opens many possibilities regarding how information is shared. This might be an efficient way of spreading attractiveness among female audiences. This paper focuses on the attractiveness of e-sports events in general for females. It has been hypothesized that there are certain factors that influence this attractiveness. Studying past research papers and online resources, three factors were identified: The players' behavior and charisma, the impact of social media as well as videogames themselves. It is found that females are attracted to e-sport games because they allow them to engage more in the game compared to other videogames. This is because there are no time constraints that require players to accomplish certain tasks within a specific time frame. As such, female gamers can choose how much effort they want to put into the game depending on their personal preferences.


E-sports, League of Legends, Dota 2, esports attractiveness for women.